lørdag, juli 22, 2006


Help Requested

Well now I have requsted help from a forum called Eksperten.dk and I'm just hoping that good input will come rolling in.

As to financing, I think I may be able to swing it but I'm looking into some opportunities to make a little money on the side by Exchange-Trading on the Internet, but i'll get back to that if it takes off.

fredag, juli 21, 2006


Where to go from now

To gain the technical knowledge I need I'll try to post on a Danish Tech-forum and see if I get any response. Im a regular at danish Pokernet.dk and and the Betfair forum, so I hope that the Tech Forum regulars will be as helpfull as these others forums.

torsdag, juli 20, 2006


My Mission In Life!

Hi, I'm Lars. Im 26 years and im from Denmark.

I have a new mission in life

I want a Slingbox, not only do I want a Slingbox, I want a Slingbox located psychically in the US or UK, or preferably both.

See, I was brought up in the 80's; regional restrictions of advertising and mini-manegement of distribution rights was almost non existant, so I spent many a morning watching SKY One and SUPER Channel. Unfortuanatly these channels was forced off the Broadcasts to Scandinavia and im now left with Scandinavian Channels. Yeah , we get the Simpsons and Friends and what not, but I WANT MORE. I want SKY, BBC, Channel 4, NBC, ABC, American CNN, FOX, HBO the lot!!! I just read in a magazine that a new thing called a Slingbox actually has the potential of fullfilling my needs? Apperently a Slingbox hooked up in a household in e.g. USA should be able to blast the TV signal out over the internet to my PC and with me changing the channels.

So i'm starting a Blog in order to track my progress in getting my hand on these abovementioned channels. It'll include:

1. Gaining the techincal knowledge for what exactly I need to have done to access this solution
2. What will it cost me and how will I finance it?
3. The most challenging thing; finding someone who would want to have this equipment standing in their house, sharing up-line, sharing cable connection, trust the person not to run steal the whole mess, and last but not least getting a fair deal so he's getting a little sub for his cable bill, but still not footing me the whole bill.

Wish me luck, if this works out for me , its one of my lifes biggest wishes coming true!

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